Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy 4th!

A litte late, but it was a busy weekend around here ... it was really too busy I think. I feel so run down today, but we had fun all weekend and that was what was important.
We did learn my 2 year old HATES fireworks ... I mean hates them. She cried the entire time during our city fireworks display. Not just cried, I mean screaming cry. It was awful :-( And we walked to where we watched them, so to leave early would have meant walking where we could still hear the fireworks, so we stayed and just help her tightly hoping to alleviate some of her fears. It really broke my heart though. I felt like a terrible mom. We knew she wouldn't be all joyful over them, but we didn't know that she would react that strongly to it. Oh well ... next year we are staying home!
Aside from all the holiday excitement, not much is going on around here. Same old things. I'm still feeling pretty good most of the time, but still have my bouts of feeling awful. Tomorrow I'm calling my midwife to get the triple screen results. I suppose it's my anxiety coming through and nothing else, but I just have a feeling that something is going to come back with this test. I don't know ... I probably sound like a paranoid crazy person now, but I am going to call and ask for the results. They should have recieved them today but I didn't want to be annoying and hence am waiting for tomorrow LOL!
Speaking of baby news ... I felt the first kick on Sunday night. And it was no light flutter ... holy cow ... this was a kick. This baby has a powerful kick! I see a future soccer player in my life! Sunday night/Monday morning dh was cuddling with me and he felt the baby kicking when he had his hand on my stomach. I know with the other two, he never felt the baby this early becuase it wasn't that strong this early! I'm amazed honestly. But it's kind of neat. I've felt a few more bumps and kicks here and there, but at this point I'm still anxious to feel more activity! Dh teases that in a few months I'll be ready to tell the baby to be still hehehe =)
I don't know ... that's about all I have to share. Not much at all. Not much at all. One day I will think of some great, interesting topic to discuss, but until then I'll just keep rambling on about nothing really!

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