Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day!

Today was a grand old day for me and my family. We all had a blast ... me especially! LOL!
It actually started out at midnight last night ... about the time I arrived home (went downtown last night to see Wicked! It was absolutely wonderful and marvelous and great. My momma took me for my birthday - which happens to be Tuesday. Dinner, the theater, we went down in a limo - fabulous) So get home from being away from babyboy since 2 am. Let's just say I grew like 2 cup sizes while we were out LOL!! And I needed to pump ;-) So, I'm pumping and about 10 minutes alter babyboy wakes up and wants to eat. So I'm feeding him and dh and I are talking about things. And then we hear screams and crying. So he goes up. g3 woke up and threw up all over the place. So I get babyboy fed and normally he would fall back asleep, but not last night - he was wide awake. So I get him in my room with g6. And I go comfort g3 while dh is cleaning up the mess. Poor thing was so upset by it all.
So dh took them to a birthday party yesterday and apparently they ate whatever they wanted to eat @@ No wonder the kid threw up all over the place.
So get her to bed, get 6g to bed, then get babyboy to bed (finally LOL!).
This am started off pretty well. I recieved breakfast in bed. Love it! I had waffles, eggs, apple and chocolate milk =) My family rocks! LOL! So after a few minutes we moved to the safety of the kitchen table without one spill in the bedroom.
That's when I got my present - a mop! LOL! Which fits in with another story I may tell another time ... needless to say it made me smile.
And then I got another present ... the Magic Bullet. Now if you haven't seen this infomercial yet, well you are missing somethng LOL! We first saw it maybe 2 years ago and my oldest immediately fell in love. She HAD to have it. She's been wanting us to buy it for a long time now. So, that's what they got me for Mother's day! Tonight we made chocolate mouse in it! yummmmmmmmy!!! Oh. So good. Amazingly good. And way to easy to make - I'll have to do it more often. Tomorrow we will probably make either a shake or a smoothie. Double yum! =) Then we have had a lot of fun just hanging out and cuddling and loving each other. Babyboy has been an absolute doll today. The girls have had fun hanging out!! We just love it!! =) We've have a grand day!
So happy mother's day to all my fellow mothers out there =)

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Happy Birthday!