Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy Birthday

to me!! =)
Yep, it's my birthday! And I LOVE birthdays =)
So I love today!! And we had a great day. Just did our normal Tuesday routine for most of the day. Then around dinner time, we made a cake - yum! =) Then we ate dinner, opened presents and ate our yummy cake.
So here's the loot LOL!!:
Actually, Saturday going to Wicked was my present from my momma.
My mil and her dh sent me a nice big strawberry bag (which will probably be the perfect size for an in progress knitting blanket!), a zipper sweater, and a gorgeous antiqued-silver oval picture frame. It is simply calling out for a black and white photo of the kids!
My dh and girls gave me a lamp to put by my sewing machine, which I have been needing and it's all set up adn now I can see when I am sitting at my sewing table! Yeah!!!
But we hung out and loved each other all day, and that was awesome. Especially given that my dh was not supposed ot be home tonight (which I admit bummed me out). But then today he called and let me know that he was going to be home afterall! WOO HOO!!! That was probably the best present of all. Becuase I love your birthday and I love to spend it with my family most of all. So it was a perfect, wonderful day! I'm so excited and so glad to see another birthday come and a bit sad to see it go! LOL!
Hope everyone else had a great day as well!

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