Sunday, May 21, 2006

The bump ....

Last Saturday I felt a little bump. Just short of an inch below where my bra band would run almost centered, but off to the left. It was tiny - very small. I could only feel it by pressing.
I made dh feel it to make sure I wasn't imagining it. He did feel it and told me to keep an eye on it. Wait a week and see what happened.
Thursday night I noticed it was bigger. It actually felt like a misquito bite - my skin was raised, but yet, I could tell it was under the skin just like I had originally felt it.
I admit it made me very nervous. I didn't like that something was there. I didn't like that it was bigger. I didn't like it's location. I was very upset about it all. Okay, I was a nervous wreck. I was thinking all sorts of not good thoughts.
Friday I went to visit my doctor. I fought bought tears when they asked why I was there (becuase I am a cryer. I cry a lot) and explained. And so I laid down and pressed the spot where it was.
Except, then it wasn't there anymore! And so I felt around and around and around. She probably thought I was a tad crazy. I was also there becuase lately I have been feeling very naseous so she started to ask me about that when I found that little bump again.
So she felt it and I braced myself .... what would she say? Thankfully, she said it was a cyst. She doens't even think we need to do anything unless it does get bigger ... which it really didn't the night before. The little (and it is truly tiny) thing moves around with my position - hence it can be hard to find or easy to find depending on apparently how everything else inside me is squishing it around.
So that was out of the way, I felt relieved and she went back to asking me about feeling naseous.
And then she said it "Well, I assume you've already taken a pregnancy test and know it's not morning sickness."
Uh. Huh? What? No, never even thought of that as an option. I said well no, I didn't. But I mean, I don't think I am. Of course she asked if I was sure. Well, no, when put on the spot like that, no, I'm not sure. But I mean I'm pretty sure ... my dh had a vesectemy (although we haven't had two clear samples yet), I'm nursing, still no period, and well we usually use other protection forms. She said, well, okay ...
then it's acid, told me to take over the counter zantac, and then tossed in there that if things don't improve in a week, then I should probably take a pregnancy test just in case.
Umm, okay.
Now, I'm not worrying about a bump near my breast but I'm wondering if the bump in my abdomin will grow. And I'm thinking about it. And I'm thinking about it. And I feel even more naseous Saturday and then today I couldn't take more than a few bites of anything.
My dh went out to buy my zantac, and brought home zantac and two pregnancy tests. I immediately took one of them (come on, admit it, you would have too!) and I looked. One line. Oh thank you!!! Not pregnant .... dh looked very relieved as well.
So for now, I have no bumps, or lumps, or anything like that to worry about. ::phew::

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