Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Doc's appointment today ...

First of all, this baby is a hider. IT took forever to find the heartbeat and when we did find it, we couldn't keep it for more than a few seconds. I have no idea what baby's heart rate is, but I know it's there, and that's all I care about ROFL!!! This baby is right under my pubic bone. I know the uterus is pretty low, but I guess I didn't realize how low it was! I can't beleive the baby hasn't just fallen out s/he was so low! LOL!!!
I talked to the midwife about my heart rate jumping up after barely any activity. She referred me to a heart doctor. She didn't seem too concerned about it over all though, since my resting heart rate seems fine and normal, but she did want me to have it checked to be safe. So I'm kind of feeling better about it all overall. If she's not freaked out and she's the doctor, no reason for me to be freaked out either I guess! But I won't feel completely relieved until I go see the heart doc and she says it's all okay! LOL!
After the appointment I went to my mom's house and had a yummy dinner with them! It was very nice =)
And that's my day adn now I want to lay down and relax!

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