Sunday, May 01, 2005

Stopping back in ....

to say hi and hopefully to try to return to some normal entries around here.
Before I continue, I have a few things I need to admit ...
Well, I kind of snuck some news in without it looking real ... in my Springing Ahead post I said ... "Later on in the day I called me dh at work and told him I was pregnant. He just said "Oh. Okay. We can talk when I get home." And didn't really have much emotion either way ... it kind of took the fun out of telling him that! Oh well .. LOL!!"
Well, the truth of the matter is that I did indeed call my dh at work and tell him I was pregnant, however, it wasn't exactly a joke!
I am due December 12. It was a big SHOCK, and of course just our luck we found out on April Fool's Day! LOL! At first dh didn't have emotions either way (as I stated) but now he walks around proud as a peacock and telling everyone the great news!
I am excited too, but sick. Very sick. Sick in a way that I was not sick with my previous two pregnancies. It has kind of sucked a lot. I did almost end up in the ER to get rehydrated last week. I am taking unisom and Vitamin B6 every night now. It is helping tremendously with the throwing up, however, I'm tired all of the freaking time. It's actually getting annoying. I don't have the energy to do much of anything anymore. But at least I am keeping food down these days. That is a HUGE improvement from where I was last week.
I can even admit that I'm feeling crabby and I'm feeling a bit down. It's hard to feel sick, and tired, and so bloblike and stay cherry all at the same time.
Not to mention, every time I turn around, people are discussing FOOD. Blech, blech, blech. Please, please, don't speak to me about food right now. I'm not ready to deal with it ... unless of course you are talking about fruit popsicles, which are truely heavenly at the moment! LOL!
Anyway, I am on-line about 1/20th of what I was doing before, so I'll probably be a bit spotty for the next month or so ... but I'm hoping once I get past the first trimester that I won't be so sick anymore.
I'm at 8 weeks now ... 4 to go LOL!


Mel said...

I was wondering where you went! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Leslie said...

CONGRATS Brandie! How exciting! ; )I'll be prayin' that the sick days will be over & gone asap.
PS: Just wanted to say, I enjoy "reading" your blog ever since I first noticed it on your siggy at the aol christian hs board.

Sheri said...

Oh Brandie!! Congratulations! How exciting!

I was also sick like that with all of my pregnancies (going to the ER constantly to be rehydrated, etc). With Gavin I was actually so sick I had a PICC line, a home nurse, IV medication to help keep the nausea down and actual nutrients in my IV bag (what a joyous time that was!).

I know nothing really helps, but sometimes iced tea helps a bit (it has tannins in it that help control nausea). I have heard a million other things that never worked for me, but worked for others, lemon drops, slices of lemon, crackers, etc. Hope you get to feeling better soon.