Monday, May 23, 2005

Just another Monday ...

Today was just a boring old Monday. We did get out this am. I had to go get my heart rate monitor and my 5 year old had art class. Survived the art class and went to the store. Just as I getting ready to check-out, I got so sick. It was awful :-( I sat in an aisle of Target for a while waiting for it to pass. Then we checked out and I sat in the car with the kids for about 15 minutes. It completely sucked.
The good news is that I got my heart rate monitor. Of course, that means I'm checking my rate often today! LOL! Good news is that my resting heart rate is almost always 83 ... so I have consistency there! Bad news, is that I was trying a bicycle today ... not even on it for 5 minutes, not going that fast and I hit 143. Later my dh's cell phone rang. It was in our bedroom on 2nd floor and he was in the basement. I walked the phone down to him and turned right around ... 146 and almost completely breathless. I can't even imagine why this is happening.
I admit I don't exercise regularly. However, it's not like I've spent the last few years just laying ... I've chased the kids around before, climbed stairs without problems, etc, etc.
I do want to start an exercise program I have just for pregnancy too. So now I'll have to talk about how easily I lose my breath and get tired these days with the midwife. I'm hoping she will let me start the exercise program I have very lightly ... and just monitor my heart rate through it. Maybe starting this program will actually help me get used to activity? I don't know.
Good news is that my appointment is tomorrow. So I will know in less than 24 hours what the midwife thinks of all of this and if she tells me to relax and not worry or if she says let's keep an eye on it for a moment and see what happens over the next few weeks.
I am still taking the unisom when I feel sick (every other night for a week now) and my dh wonders if that is the culprit and if it gets completely out of my system I'll have more endurance so to speak. Well if that is all it takes, I'll go back to not taking the medicines!!!
Anyway, there's my latest anxiety issue. I was really hoping to not have so many anxious moments this pregnancy, but I'm starting on a bad foot in terms of that!

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