Monday, September 10, 2007

Reading the wrong blogs ...

Today, just by randomly browsing blogs, I came across three blogs that talked about Christians. And basically said all Christians are judgmental because all of them judged non-Christians harshly and thought anyone who wasn't a Christian must not have morals, must not be nice or good people, and should be avoided at all costs.
Then the preceded to talk about how they couldn't be friends with Christians because of those reasons.

And I thought to myself, well, aren't they doing the same thing they are accusing all Christians of doing? Furthermore, are all Christians really like that? My husband (who is not a Christian) would probably say no, not really. Especially since I am a Christian. I think he's pretty nice, pretty intelligent and has some pretty darn good morals. I thought he was nice enough to marry and even nice enough to have children with.

Most of the time, I could care less if a person is a Christian or not, just so long as they are nice and friendly. I am friends with Christians and non-Christians. I do not think that only believers are nice or that only believers have morals, nor do I shield my family from them.

Do I think I'm perfect? Nope. Not at all. Do I think anyone who says they are a Christian is perfect? Oh goodness, no way! Have I hurt people's feelings in the past? Yep, probably more times than I am aware of!

But, I have to admit it hurts to think that if I walked up to some people and said I was a Christian, chances are they would want nothing to do with me from that moment on. I admit, they probably have been cast aside or treated poorly by people in the past, but truthfully, haven't most of us been treated poorly at one time in our life? I can't cast out an entire group of people based on the actions of one, because really - there wouldn't be anyone left for me to talk to!

Anyway, I'm rambling. And just sharing. I don't have answers. And I don't want to debate with anyone about this. I simply want to share and blab about what is going through this head of mine.

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ornery's wife @ Thoughts from Miller Manor said...

Amen! I agree with you that Christians and non-Christians alike are judgmental...or not. I wish I could say that Christians were less so, but I don't think that is so, either. HOWEVER, I do think they should be loving, forgiving and concerned for non-Christians, just as Jesus was. I read lots of blogs, some Christian some not, but of the Christian ones I tend to shy away from those who are "activists" in their beliefs. They somehow don't seem "real" to me.

I have friends and relatives who are very legalistic (I think that makes them very judgmental) and while it is frustrating to be with them for long periods of time, I am still able to love them because of Christ in me. It is sad, however, that those of us who are Christians and living out our faith without judging are lumped in with those who have chosen a different path. It has always been a frustration for me, too.