Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Homeschooling: Week 6

This week marks our 6th week of school. I know, I know, we did start early. For most people this will be somewhere between the first to third week of school.
Anyway, you'd think with 5 weeks under our belt, we'd be in a good rhythm, a good schedule. Things would be going pretty smoothly and we'd have a flow to our days.
Well, you would be wrong. For the most part, Little Miss enjoys her work and has fun with it. She likes what we are reading and hasn't been complaining about the worksheet items we are doing either.
And yet, we can't get on a schedule. Things come up, we have to run errands, the phone rings, Little Man is crabby, etc, etc. This week I need to really focus on us getting into a good rhythm with things. I need to increase time spent outdoors and reading and decrease time spent with tv/computers/video games.
We will get there. I will say we are doing much better this year than last year, and for that I am very thankful!


Jungle Mom said...

WOW! We are only on day 3!

ornery's wife said...

Here's MY two cents worth!

Isn't flexibility one of the hallmarks of a happy homeschool? I know that it is important to have some sort of plan to accomplish all that needs to be done, but your children are learning how to be an adult, (at least that was my goal in homeschooling) and that entails figuring out how to be responsible in all areas of life, not just with "academics." Once the kids are old enough to be more self-sufficient, they won't need you to be so close and "in control" of things. If each day you show them the plan, explain the goals and ask for their help to accomplish them, they will likely be eager to help you, and their time will be managed more efficiently. They will learn time management and organization as a by-product of the day, and future years will be made easier.

I have to say that as they get older, each year does get a bit easier as far as "routine" goes. However, our happiest, most fulfilling, and memorable school days were the ones where we didn't have a lesson plan or work from texts, but learned from life.

Best wishes on your school year! I am all done with those years, but this was always my favorite time, when I could pull together resources, interact with the kids and learn a lot myself!