Sunday, September 09, 2007

More tossing things ...

So last night, I went through a lot of my magazines - which of course I save because, well, I might need them one day. I looked through and decided which to keep (admittedly over half of them I still own) but I picked a lot to dump.
Then I (quickly) flipped through and ripped out any articles I wanted to save. I purposefully flipped quickly otherwise I might want to keep all the articles LOL!).
Actually, I was surprised by how few articles I kept.
As an extra incentive I teased my dh that he should pay me a quarter a magazine. He agreed, thinking he might owe me 1 or 2 dollars.
I got rid of:

44 magazines!

And kept just a small pile or articles:

I already had a binder started when I did something similar a few years ago, so I just added them into the binder. And we had a huge pile to add to the recycle bin today! LOL!

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I also went through the bathroom shelf and got rid of about half of my lotions. Which is fine because some of those bottles I've had longer than I've been married. I know, it's so sad. I have a hard time letting go, but I have to admit, getting rid of things has been a very good thing, and I am enjoying it a lot!


ornery's wife @ Thoughts from Miller Manor said...

The hardest ones for me to part with are my scrapbooking mags. You just never know when you might need that layout...

I am excited for you to have cleaned out so much! That is amazing, and now you have a few dollars to sock away for when you just HAVE to have a new magazine! :-)

Smoov said...

I love how I feel after one of those clean it out projects! I have a load of magazines around too, but I've been keeping them now because the twins use them to cut out pictures for their Kindergaten projects.