Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In 20 hours ...

I will be hosting a scrapbooking gathering at my house.
This should excite me - I'll get together with some ladies, I'll get to scrapbook.

However, I am filled with terror and dread!

1. My entire house is a pigsty. Tomorrow somehow I will need to clean, sweep, mop, vaccuum, organize, finish laundry, teach the children, entertain the school and not lose my mind.

2. We have almost no food in the house, about 3 diapers left, no paper towels left. So I have to go to the grocery store. Which is usually a nightmare trip truthfully.

3. My mouth still hurts. I made it to the dentist today to find out in the spot that was hurting - an old filling leaked into the root (or something - I was only half listening), my body saw it as a foreign object and began to attack it. Oh, yeah, that sounds lovely. So we had to start a root canal today. It was not pleasant. I tell you, my mouth does not stay numb long. (This has been on-going since I can remember and also happens with topical numbing creams like lidocaine). They do some work, it starts to hurt, they stick me again, do some work, it starts to hurt, they stick me again. It never fails that we get to the almost done part and I grin and bear the pain instead of stopping to get numb again. And even though I do it by choice, it still sucks frankly.

Anyway, my mouth is still pretty sore and frankly shopping/cleaning/entertaining is not on my list of things I want to do. I will attempt to do it all anyway, because at the end of the evening, I will be glad that I had people over and that I could get that time to work on my scrapbook! But I will probably whine my way through it tomorrow LOL

That is all. Just wanted to get that out there and whine a little to the internet.


Sallie said...

Go to hillbilly housewife -- weird name I know but she has a frugal grocery list and a quick clean list too... love that woman.. LOL..

The people aren't coming to see your house.. they are coming to see you!

God bless,

Anonymous said...

I don't have the toothashe, but I have a ton to do this weekend as well. I work this morning (I clean other people's houses)I am doing a garage sale tomorrow morning, a wedding tomorrow night, and my boys' birthday parties Sunday afternoon. I am not sure when I am cleaning, cooking, etc. Crazy!! We will both get through it. LOL

Hind's Feet said...

Hope your tooth doesn't ache, your house is clean, shopping was done with minimal money and bother and mostly that you had a LOT of fun at your party.
Blessings, Kim