Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Some days ...

my children are trying to make me have a heart attack.
Today it was my 6 year old's issue.
The background:
At a relatives house. House in on a lake. On teh way there tell ALL children lake is off limits today and to not go near it or else.
Getting ready to leave: Ask 3 year old to go around back and tell 6 year old time to leave. 3 year old goes back and comes back and tells me "I can't tell A because she's on the boat right now." I say "You mean her and K are playing in the boat on the sand right?" She says "No, they are on the lake."
I'm totally thinking that the 3 year old is mistaken and so I go around back. 3 year old is not mistaken. My 6 year old dd and her 6 year old cousin are on the lake in a paddle boat, with no life jackets and without having anyone's permission at all.
Um. Yeah. That's a problem.
Okay. Trying not to just start screaming and sounding like a raving lunatic at her.
Bottom line is we went home. She spent the rest of the day inside. She will not play wiht her game cube for a week. She may not go on the lake (with permission, life jacket and adult) next time we visit even if the other kids are out there having fun.
And then it was big talk time with the parents - and we were honest and up front and did scare her a bit. We talked about what happened if she fell out of the boat in the middle of the lake (she can't swim and her cousin can't swim either). We talked about how if that happened she could have drowned, which means she could have died.
She was very repentant. She cried a lot. She said she was sorry. We told her we loved her and wanted to keep her safe and that was all we were trying to do.
In short. I think she got it. I doubt we will see her pull that stunt again. And well, I hope that next time we are over there said boat is maybe chained down and that even if she wanted to do it again (which I don't think she will after today) that she can't do it either.

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