Saturday, June 10, 2006

Random utterings ....

So, life here has been okay. Some minor bumps in the road. I've found a house to move into ... and it's only a little more than double what we could afford. But gorgeous none the less, and of course reminds me even stronger of how much I want to move right now. But it can't happen at the moment. I have mostly accepted that fact. Mostly. But I still dream.
I have been trying to "simplify" life around me. Well, I guess basically I have been cutting back a LOT on some things - my computer time is probably less than a tenth of what it was a month ago, hardly any TV. But I've been filling time with being with my family - imagine that ;-) And crafting. We are spending huge amounts of time outside these days - walking, playing. I've discovered some areas around us that are great fun. And of course, I've been cleaning. The grandma still doesn't really want me to cook (well, the basic reason is the gp's don't like my cooking basically. Oh well. So I don't even offer anymore. It is met with no's and the few times I have cooked here, they haven't liked it, so I don't believe I will ever cook while they are home and we live with them). Eh, more time for me to do other things - which I have been baking. And so far everyone has enjoyed my baking so that's good ;-) And of course, cleaning. I hate cleaning. I really really hate it. I probably would do it a lot less often if we didn't have other adults living with us. But we do, and they want things clean. So I have been pretty good about keeping the house pretty darn good these days. I'm sure it's appreciated by the gp's as well as my family as well.

I'm happier right now than I've been in a while. Which is good. I have almost kicked drinking coke too ... big step. I won't even admit here how much I was consuming, but let's just say a good day was drinking only 3 cans. :X Yeah, pretty bad. Now I have one a day. And well, I feel much better doing that. And probably I won't even drink that much anymore, but instead of just not drinking it at all, I dropped to one a day and now I'll just drink one if I want one, which I haven't even really wanted one the last few days. So very good.

I think I got caught up in too many things - most of which was being upset about the living arrangement. And I was so caught up in being upset about it, I forgot to do something about it. I also think I tend to get stuck on this computer without meaning too and then half my day is gone. And really, not a good thing for anyone.

Anyway, that's life right now.
And before I forget - today dh and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. =) And I love him now even more than I did then, and I got to say, we are both still in love with each other as ever and that's great. We thought about it, in 7 years of marriage we have:
- had 3 kids
- bought a house
- had a college graduation
- sold a house
- bought a car
- started a business
- aquired a ton of debt
- paid off a ton of debt (about 95% of what we had is now gone WOO HOO!)
- stayed committed to each other
- and we still love each other and have passion for each other.
Overall, I'd say, I'm pretty glad I married such a great wonderful guy. And I plan to stay by his side until death do us part, through thick and thin. It's a good place to be in. No matter what else happens, I know he'll stand by my side, and I'll stand by his. So even on those days when I'm not very happy with him, I still love him and I know we'll get through that bump together. And for that, I am truly a very lucky and blessed person. =)

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