Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year ...

Here it is ... 2006.
I can't believe this year has passed, but yet I can!
2005, although a great year, has also been a long year for me. I think I spent at least half of it just sick. It was worth it in the end when baby arrived, but the pregnancy was long and I would be lying if I said I miss being pregnant honestly!
But now it's time to look ahead to 2006 ....
2006 will be a very important year for my family.
By August we would like to be in our own home. My dh would like to have a house we can stay for, well, like the next 20 years. I would like that too ... I'm just not sure our budget allows for that. Dh may also be getting a vasectemy sometime this year. Of course that means I really just had my last pregnancy. I have mixed feelings ... half of me is saying yes, do it! The other half is screaming no, I'm not ready to make it so final!
Back to the house - it's exciting, but it will be stressful. It will mean finances are tapped. It will mean packing things up again, possibly finding new places for the kids activities, all the things that come with a change of address.
And I am thrilled at the thought of being in our own house, our own space, being able to decorate how I want to, paint if I want to, deciding where to put what, etc, etc. But it is also stressful too. And to be honest, I love the house we are living in and I love the location. We are trying to maybe just buy this house, but I'm not sure it will actually happen. So it will be sad t leave this house.
So I look at the coming year with a lot of excitment, but also with a little bit of trepidation, fear and worry! LOL!!!
And then I look at my kids ... where will they be in a year? I can't even imagine! My oldest will probably be smarter than me in a year. My middle is currently developing her personality. It will be interesting to see where she ends up in a year. And my baby ... this little 9 pound baby who pretty much needs someone to do everything for him, well in a year he will be able to move himself, say a few words, play, smile, laugh, eat foods! What an incredible change for one little person in such a short time! I can't even believe he's 3 weeks old right now ... 3 weeks has flown by (well, except for the few times when he has wanted to stay awake for like 4 hoursin the middle of the night ROFL!!).
Amazing. Completely amazing.
With all that said ... happy new year to everyone out there!!! =) Hope it's filled with fun, happiness, love and good health!

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