Friday, January 27, 2006

Life updates ...

So we are doing pretty well with good nights here. Last night was rough, but all of yesterday was rough (maybe babyboy was feeling under the weather or I ate something that upset him or whatever). I'm just glad we are doing more good nights than bad nights. Although, a good night here just means that babyboy goes back to sleep after eating without too much trouble. I'm still waiting for those 4 hours stretches to start happening more than just once in a while! But for the moment I will take what I can get!
My oldest finished her math book yesterday. She was so proud of herself. It's rated prek-k. So we started the next book, which is rated 1st - 3rd grade. She's so excited to be in "first grade" math! It cracks me up!! She also only has 6 more reading lessons to go. And sh eis looking forward to finishing that as well. We are going to make cookies, cupcakes or cake to celebrate her finishing her math this weekend. And I told her next weekend we will do it again to celebrate finishing reading!
My middle child gave me a picture today she colored. She also wrote her name on it. First of all, I didn't teach her that! Second of all, I didn't know she could write letters, much less put the correct letters together to make her name! It totally blew me away and I was pretty darn impressed. She is kind of spacey a lot of the time, but she must really be absorbing things even if I don't see it! LOL!

Dh adn I had blood tests drawn a few weeks ago for life insurance reasons. The results came back today.
They were overall pretty good. However, (there is always a however), my cholesterol level was 196. His was 240! 240! (normal range is something - 200). I was worried about me being so close to the top of normal range, but he is over. Ugh. So now we have decided that we need to eat better and neither of us exercise, so we'll have to start doing that as well. He is going to schedule an appointment with the our PCP to see if she has any comments/advice to offer him and find out when he should be retested (to hopefully show lower numbers).
So now I'm afraid I'm almost a heart attack waiting to happen, that dh is a heart attack waiting to happen, and then the other day I watched the Oprah show abotu bird flu. Yeah, so much for my anxiety being under control LOL!! I gotta get it back under control again and fast. I had a mini panic attack tonight :-( Not good.
But aside from that, things are going well. I think we are finally starting to get into a groove as a family of five around here. I am feeling less stressed and less tired and less cranky and more ready to deal with things as they come up (except for anxiety).
And that, is life in a nutshell around here!

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