Monday, January 23, 2006

Better days ahead?

I think things here on the up and up ... at least I hope so.
This weekend I was able to get sleep - real sleep. At one point I got 6 hours of sleep! 6 hours ... that's more than I've had in a while and it felt good.
My dh took babyboy Friday night right after I nursed him. Babyboy stayed awake for dh for about an hour, then slept for 4 hours. It was so nice.
Dh and I talked and decided we needed to do something to encourage him to sleep if we could. We decided I would come back to our bed, with babyboy and we would co-sleep. We weren't going to originally co-sleep becuase our bed is not big enough for dh, me and baby. But I need to do something to get sleep. So dh moved into his grandparents bed. This will work well until babyboy is doing better at night or when the grandparents come back from Florida.
Regardless, aside from babyboy waking to eat, he pretty much went back to sleep each time. He did want to wake up pretty early but that's when I woke dh and went back to sleep myself ;-)
I also got out this weekend to do errands for a few hours sans babyboy. Didn't have to worry about nursing, didn't have to worry about what to do if he pooped while out, or started cry, or all those things. It was kind of nice.
Basically, I had the kind of weekend that I think I needed to have to start to feel better.
And it seems to me that babyboy might be picking up on this night/day thing. Although co-sleeping is helping out too. We did it again last night and it went pretty well too. It's nice becuase he falls asleep while nursing and this way I don't need to move him when he's done (which usually wakes him up).
I am still feeling tired, but I don't feel just sheer exhaustion anymore, and that is going a long way.

I am also working on things over there are exciting to me (mainly playing with my Christmas present) and it's nice to have something to do.
So, right now I'm just crossing my fingers that we have another good night and that we are through the worst of the bad nights.

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Tina said...

I wish sleep wasn't such a big deal, but it is! Good sleep makes such a difference for all the rest of your hours. I hope you can get some more of those six hour stretches...:)