Monday, July 31, 2006

Melting ...

I'm melting. And no,it's not cause Dorothy just dumped water on me! I wish... with all this heat, a bucket of water would feel very nice! LOL!
It's so hot here. And I know it's hot in a lot of other places. And some places are even hotter than we are (hugs to all you people who have hotter weather than me). But I was not made to stand 100 degree weather. Yikes. So crazy.
Anyway, so I still want to move. It's been slightly more than a week and I'm ready to go. I keep telling dh that cause he thinks as we get farther and farther from vacation I will change my mind. Or the more I think about it, the more I'll change my mind. Hmmm ... we'll see, but so far, still liking the option of moving.
Nothing else going on here. I did realize the other day I have no language arts for my 6 year old. So, I guess I will be checking out first grade language arts programs for her. But I'm not too worried. I have the reading side covered ... it's the writing side, so it's not like if we started our year tomorrow we would have nothing, kwim?
Speaking of kids, my middle child will be 4 in like a month and half! Holy cow! Where did the time go? I can't believe she will be 4. She has requested a Froggy-themed party. Second was Care Bears. I tried so hard to convince her of care bears, but nope. Her mind is made up. And seeing as she will be 4 soon, I will let her pick and so frogs it will be! I guess she will start her next year of life off hopping!
Babyboy is good. We have a semi-schedule going with him and nights are getting much better. He also taking some food aside from nursing which is helping me feel better. I just couldn't/can't keep up with his demands. He doens't even do a full jar of babyfood a day, so he's not taking a bunch, but maybe 3/4 of the jar and it's enough to tide him over. Although we were given the jars and I dont' really want to have to buy more, so as soon as heat wave passes, I'll be pureeing (really botched that word I think!) my own fruits/veggies for him and trying to get him maybe to do foods with a thicker texture. We'll see - but for now, I'm pretty pleased with where we are with him.
Anyway, that's my happy update for now. I guess the biggest thing is it's still a happy update. I still feel refreshed and able to handle life - which is good, because we tend to be very hectic around here most days!

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