Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Big decisions ahead ...

Well, vacation was so much fun that it might leave more of a lasting impression than just memories and photographs. Dh and I have been talking and talking and talking and talking ... lots of talking lately, about picking up the family and moving to the New Hampshire/Southern Maine area. This would be quite the move and jump for us - going from a Chicago suburb to New Hamshire. Dh doubts my ability to actually survive a move like that, given most of our family (I'd say 90%) is here in the Chicago area. That said, we know that we will probably face a lot of negativity from said family in the area if we were to pick up and move.
But I have to tell you, moving out there seems right to me now and even dh agrees.
We have a lot to think about though - I've never wintered there, and we have a lot to research:
  • job market,
  • cost of average homes
  • homeschooling there,
  • doctors,
  • dentists,
  • will my teaching certificate transfer,
  • what is the average income vs. cost of living,
  • finding new friends for us and the children,
  • what if my dd is in fact dx with something that will require therapy and intervention - can the services be found out there as well
  • can I survive without my family close
  • how often will we be able to fly back here
  • how often will they be able to fly out there
  • etc, etc, etc.
That's a lot of things we need to figure out. We also have that we were pretty set on buying the house we are in now if we could. But here's the deal, if we bought this house we would be SO straped for cash that would it be worth it if we had a nice house but had to eat pb&j half the month? I don't know. I'm not sure that dh knows either honestly.
But I tell you what, I am excited at the possibily of moving out there! It excites me. I think this area is just, I don't know, not for me anymore? Anyway ... we'll see what the future holds for us. We should make a decision about by Halloween. If we do move, then we will probably end up parting with lots of our things, so we would want to start trimming then and keep Christmas light if a move is coming in the spring like that!

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