Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thinking ....

I have this idea running around in my mind. It's sort of a crazy idea and it might not be entirely practical, but interestingly enough, my husband is supportive of this crazy idea. Which might actually be bad because it encourages me further. LOL!

I'd like to move. Move away from here - because, well I don't think living here sits well with me anymore. I mean, I do love living here because I have a lot of family around me and I do love my family. And I love being close to them. But I don't know - something about the suburbs is just feeling less and less comfortable to me. We don't have much land. My dh works his ass off, and actually brings in a decent pay check, but it doesn't go very far out here. We have been talking about him possibly getting a new job, and if he's going to get a new job, doesn't seem like a good time to completely uproot our family and move half-way across the country?

And I think I know where I would like to move, but I (and the kids) haven't spent much time there so before we decide to settle there, I want to have an extended visit out there. So I am honestly considering sometime next winter (November/Decemberish) to pack up the children and stay out there for about 6-8 weeks. This would all happen with the hopes that my husband could get time off of work and stay with us over Christmas/New Year.

Yes, it will be quite lonely without him there. The kids will either love it or hate it, or probably start out loving it and then grow to hate it. And it means I will be a single parent for that time, although we do know someone out there and I'm sure I can get a few breaks.

But it leaves me with questions ... where does one live when they only plan to be there for 6-8 weeks? I can't imagine the 4 of us staying in a hotel room, (plus wouldn't that be expensive)? But if rent a house/apartment, then there is the need to pay for 2 households and can we really afford that? I'll need to have the ability to cook - because we certainly can't afford (with money or our health) to eat out all the time? And how do I know what to bring with and what to not bring with? How many pieces of clothing, how many pots and pans, how many books, how many toys, how many movies, etc, etc. And the how the heck will I entertain myself and 2 kids for that time? Well, okay, that's part of the reason I want to do this - to find out about the area, to discover what is there (or not there) before we decide to make this sort of decision.

And these questions fill my mind. And although if we did do something like this
it would be 10-11 months away, I'm really assuming I can't just make arrangements a few days before I want to leave. But I just don't know where to start. I'm going to have really spend a while thinking about all of this and really deciding if in fact this is something I really want to do because when I see a plan on paper, it looks really hard. Of course, maybe it will end up being easy. And that would be a sign that it was all meant to be ... right?

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Anonymous said...

IMO, (not that you asked for it, lol), I think the biggest deciding factor should be for hubby to get a job there first.... Not sure a trip with the kids is really needed. Kids will be fine & adjust as long as they are with the people who love them,(their parents). They will grow roots where they are planted.

Do your research, and then when you are getting ready to make the move, you and hubby should visit a real estate agent. (I'm assuming you'll be selling your current house). Find out the good neighborhoods, schools etc. and then take a deep breath, and do it. What an adventure. : )