Friday, January 11, 2008

Answered Prayer!

Oh we got fabulous news tonight
My husband got a raise!! It's not a "end to all of our problems" kind of raise but it's a "yes, we can actually breath again and not have to worry how we will pay it all because now we can and there will be a tiny bit actually left over" kind of raise.
We weren't even expecting it - and certainly not today. He called to tell me that he was late because he had his review. My heart lept. And he said "Can't talk now, see you when you get home" because, well he was calling from work.
Between the time of that call I just prayed, please be 20 dollars a week, please be 20 dollars a week (his company is hurting a bit right now so ANY raise is a blessing and I didn't want to aim too high here folks). But yes, it is even a bit more than $20.00 a week!
I am so excited.

The cost of our insurance rates increased this year, so his first paycheck of the year was actually less than the last one of 07. That was depressing. His raise will take us back to the original pay, plus some.

Ugh. I am SO happy about this.

Of course, I still don't think he is being paid what he deserves - but I'm not sure I will ever think they are paying him what he deserves LOL! ;-)

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MissKris said...

What wonderful news! Money worries are the WORST, aren't they? They eat at you 24 hours a day...we even DREAM about them! I am so glad to hear things are looking up!