Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Walking ...

So I think I mentioned when getting blood work done for life insurance, we discovered dh has a high cholesterol number and mine is within normal, but it's almost the highest normal number you can get.
So dh and I are on a mission to change how we eat and to start exercising.
Well, that day to start exercising came yesterday. We both signed up for the program in an effort to get motivation.
Yesterday I walked 1.5 miles at the community center indoor track. Tonight I walked too.
Dh walked 1 mile with me yesterday. He didn't come today. He was busy - he needed to do work. I'm kind of bummed. I am worried about him. I know he will always be busy and I'm worried he'll keep pushing the exercise to the back burner. I do not want my husband having a heart attack in a few years because he was too busy to do anything to prevent it. Plus, it's nice having someone to walk with, ya know?
I told him that. That I don't want him to be too busy for this. I do not want my husband to work himself to death.
I have to say I like the walking. I feel energized after doing it ... which is a rare feeling these days! I think I will go over tomorrow and get another 1.5 miles in if I can. Dh's mom is coming into town around 2ish so I have to do a lot to get ready for that. But I figure I can spare a half an hour (okay so it would really be like an hour to get all the kids bundled up, get over there, walk, get bundled up again, and get home) for my health. So I can see my grandkids! Plus, maybe it will give me energy to do the last minute housecleaning I want to get done before she walks in. although, I'm sure she will be so busy looking at the kids, she won't notice the state of the house! But I still have to try!
and I can't wait until it gets warmer out. The indoor track is 14 laps for a mile. Yeah, 21 is 1.5 miles - it gets a bit boring by about lap, 4! But it's still too cold to be out with the kids (I think it's supposed to be like 20 with windchill tomorrow).
But when it does get warm out ... I found this site which I htink is pretty neat ... Gmap Pedometer!
Anyway, I have made it 2 days now! I'm kind of proud of myself!! LOL!

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Tina said...

Good for you!
I have been walking with a friend for three months, and it has been great for me. I should look at the link you have in there....