Monday, February 27, 2006

Deal or No Deal?

My family is in love with this show.
We watched it last time they ran it for a week. And tonight, they started airing it for another week.
All 5 of us sit around and watch it (well, okay, babyboy is only there because we are holding him, but you get it). And we all sit around and yell "Deal Deal Deal!!" or "No deal! No deal! No Deal!" and we get excited when they pick a case with a low number and we all sigh when it's a case with a big number. Dh and I talk about if we would deal or not and if we won, what we would do with the money ... okay, that's easy. We want to buy a house. So by default, depending on the amount 75-100% of our winnings would go to a house!
But it's fun. And yes, it's TV. We have family time by watching TV. I know some who would read that and think, you can't have family time by watching TV. But we do. We don't generally watch TV together often, so I don't feel bad about it.
And thanks to me reading Freakonomics today, I now know that TV viewign time is not correlated to good grades so I feel even less guilty watching it for this week than I did watching it the last week it was on! LOL!

Now, as if watching it wasn't enough, we can now play the game ourselves at Deal or No Deal. Tonight I would have won 192,000 and my dh would have walked away with 300,000. I only wish it were real LOL!!! Although I have been encouraging dh to apply for the show. He's good looking, he's got a good personality ... and he's smart about deals or no deals!!!

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Anonymous said...

Deal or No Deal is doing an open audition tomorrow, downtown...I am so tempted to go! We love that show as well!!