Monday, June 27, 2005

I'm back and feeling better ...

At least I'm a lot calmer than I felt last time I posted! Last week was a bad week ... I was feeling very anxious and I just wasn't able to get it under control right away.
Anyway, the weekend was absolutely fabulous I have to say. Saturday we had a wedding to attend. I almost didn't go (becuase I was feeling kind of crabby LOL!) but I did and it was so much fun. I'm so glad that I went. Dh and I talked to some friends we haven't talked to in a while and it was nice to be able to catch up with them. I even danced some and we really did have a great time!
Sunday a relative of ours had a party here so lots of family was here to visit with. A few people stayed late and I hung out with them for a while and it was so much fun! Seriously, it was a blast LOL!
I think as long as the sickness stays away and I can keep the anxiety under control, I will finally have some great days (as proved by this weekend! LOL)

Aside from that, just being mom. My 5 year old amazed me today ... she listened to the first hour of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe on cd today! I didn't think she would listen for an entire hour, but she did! She wanted to start the second CD too, but we were 10 minutes from bed so I had to tell her no, which she didn't like very much. She is really into this book. She's seen a cartoon version on TV, so it's not entirely new to her, but she told me this is differnt than the movie which I expected LOL! She's just taking to it so well, and I told her we would have to get her more stories on tape/CD from the library (we bought the one she is listening today). For the last 2 weeks, I've been reading her The Mouse and the Motorcycle and she loved it! We will start Runaway Ralph when she's done with her CD's, but I kind of like her litening on tape/cd cuase it saves me voice ROFL!! No, I'll still read to her, but now we'll do some of both I think!
Speaking of amazing things, my 2 year old drew a picture last week that was recognizable! It was a person! I was so impressed! Yeah for her! =) She was so proud of it too! We had to instantly hang it up and hten she drew more to hang up as well LOL! I loved it =)
Okay, that's all for now!

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Leslie said...

Brandie, Glad you enjoyed such a fun weekend. And- Congrats on your budding artist- how proud she must be! : ) My girls can't wait for Dec 9th- that's when the Chronicles of Narnia will be out!! : ) wa-hoo!!