Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Doc's today ....

Had an appointment today.
Baby's heartrate was in the 150's. Both my girls were in the 130's. Everything else was fine - bp, wieght, etc, etc.
Apparently I am group b strep positive though. It was in my urine at the initial visit (which was back in April but I was just told today about it.).
I'm not too pleased to hear that. In fact, I'm downright very anxious about it.
Which stinks because all my anxieties are coming back full force it feels like. I have worked so hard since the fall to try to get this under control and it feels like in a blink of an eye, it's back. It sucks really. I'm kind of sick of dealing with it frankly, which you might think is helping, but really I think it's making it worse.
I'm also a bit frustrated with my 2 year old. For the last month she has been having so many problems with bed time. She comes out of her room, she has taken to laying into the hallway. She does it quietly too so mostly you don't know until you are about to step on her. She has also come into our room and tried to get into our bed. One night she did it while I was still awake (not in the room) nad she was so quiet about it, dh didn't wake up. I walked into the dark room and tried to quietly get in bed and of course, crawled right onto my 2 year old.
So last night she was out of her room, again. I found her out there and said "Why are you in the hall? The floor is so hard. you need to go back to bed." And you know what she told me? "I don't like my bed. I want my crib back." Okay, jaw drop. She hasn't had a crib since November I think? And now, now, now, she wants her crib?! And that was all she could talk about today ... she wanted daddy to bring her crib home.
Grrr ... and on top of all of that, she freaked out over everything today. She wouldn't look at anyone, talk to anyone, just clung to me all day. And the people who were over she adores the rest of the time! By the time dh came home I had about all I could take. I left dh with the kids and went to the library. I feel bad getting so frustrated at them, wen really, the issues are mostly mine, but I can't help it. I'm dreading tomorrow. I seriously wish I had a place to drop the kids off for the day. Alas there's none and so tomorrow I will have to suck it all up and try not to be a crabby mom!

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Debbie said...

I'll join you on the crabby mom couch. My patience wears out a lot faster these days than it used to. Some days, I feel like I have no patience at all.