Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Well, we survived Christmas! Things were pretty hectic around here for the last few days. Trying to get ready, take care of an infant and take care of the other two kiddos. And when it was all said and done, we didn't just survive Christmas, we actually truly enjoyed Christmas!
On Christmas eve we had all of my dh's family over at the house. I want to say roughly 20 adults and 10 kids (including the 5 people from my family). But it was fabulous, and dh's aunt brought a chocolate fountain! Oh my goodness ... let's just say YUMMY! LOL!!! Oh, I was in heaven with that here =)
The kids had fun playing with all the other kids, and of course, the presents helped make the night a blast too hehehe! We did learn one thing. Our darling baby apparently does not like crowds and being in groups of people. He pretty much cried and nursed the entire time. It was a little frustrating because it's hard when you can't get your baby to relax, and it was kind of sad because of course, everyone wanted to hold him. But I don't blame him - we've led a pretty low key existence in his two weeks of life so to have all that commotion all of a sudden, I can get why he was not too happy!
Christmas day was a lot of fun too, if not a little overwhelming. We usually try to keep Christmas low key, not too many presents because dh and I don't want the kids to think it's all about the toys and gifts. This year, however, things got out of hand. The number of presents was, well, it was a lot!!! LOL! And of course, it's all pretty much opened, and thankfully, almost all of it has been put away. I can't believe how much stuff we all got - including dh and I.
I actually got something I have wanted for a while: an embroidery machine! It's a Singer XL-6000 and so far it looks good. I know need to go out and buy a few things before I begin to use it and figure out all the embroidery options on it. It was a present from my mom and so she said I have to make her grandma sweatshirt with the kids names on it! =)
Well, overall our Christmas was a great deal of fun and everyone enjoyed it.
And to think ... in a week it will be a new year. And I look around and I can't believe how incredibly blessed that my family and I are. And I can't believe how much life has changed in the last year (most notable the newest member!) and to think ... a year ago I would have never guessed I'd be sitting here today, a mother of five, enjoying life and in a much better place than I was a year ago!

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Jedi4sweet said...

Sounds like your family enjoyed a really great Christmas!!! ; ) Awwwww.... that's so awesome!! Happy (almost) 2006 to you & your precious family, Brandie!! = )